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How hot are Sacred Sauce products?

They are a 5 or 6 out of 10 on pretty much anyone's scale. We made our statement sauces medium to hot specifically for daily use. They're designed to change the geography of your mind, not the biology of your mouth. It's still a hot sauce though, so of course, be warned. For more info read the ingredient list and nutrition panel on the individual product pages.

How do you give back?

We've protected over 1,000 acres so far!! We are committed to protecting our only planet. As an active member of 1% for the Planet and long-term-partner with the Rainforest Trust, we contribute to long-term protection of tropical ecosystems and the wildlife they hold. Safe-guarding species, communities, and habitats under threat. You can learn more here

Will the clothing fit me?

We've worked hard to ensure that the sizes we offer will work for many different shapes and sizes of customers from all over the world. We offer products that come in a range of shapes, including Unisex and Women's' styles in a full range of typical U.S. style sizes. Each product is different, so make sure to check the sizing guide on each product, as some products may be form-fitting. As we introduce new products, we'll add even more information about product fits and sizes.

What about shipping and delivery?

In the USA we have $5 flat rate shipping. The more you order the more you save. We offer FREE SHIPPING to all domestic US orders over $50. We process all orders the same business day until 2pm PST business days (Mon-Fri), which does not include weekends or holidays. Tracking details will be sent immediately upon receiving your order. International shipping is offered and calculated at checkout, you are responsible for your own import duties or taxes your country might impose. If you can't purchase after entering international details, it might be that we can't ship to your location.

What is your return policy?

Given the nature of food items, we can't offer returns. If there are any concerns with the delivery of product you ordered please let us know through the chat app on the bottom right of the website, or email us at myorder@Sacred.Site. We do allow changes or cancellations as long as they are done within the same business day they were placed. We cannot make changes to orders that are processed and sent out for delivery.

Can I change, add to or or cancel my order?

We do allow changes or cancellations as long as they are done within the same business day they were placed. We cannot make changes to orders if they are already processed and sent out for delivery. Please email myorder@Sacred.Site with your order details to request changes.

When will my Sacred Sauce arrive?

Most domestic orders in the US made on our website or Ebay will arrive within 2 - 4 days. Amazon orders will depend on your account with them and your shipping choices. The quickest way to find out is to check your confirmation email for tracking information. You can also use the chat app in the bottom right of our website and type 'order' or 'shipping' or 'tracking' for instant info. 

Does Sacred Sauce ship internationally?

We can and do! After adding products to your cart, the shipping will be calculated and shown to you in the next steps before payment is taken.

Do you use preservatives?

Nada. Nope. Never. There are no preservatives, no water, and no unnecessary fillers in our products. We make and bottle our products under the strictest regulatory governance, hot filling each bottle to the highest hygiene standards in a top class professional kitchen, allowing a long shelf life with just the all-natural ingredients you see on the label. For more info read the ingredients list and nutrition panels on the individual product pages. 

Amazon and Ebay?

You can search for Sacred Sauce and purchase our products from our official profiles on those platforms. If you have questions regarding orders from Amazon or Ebay, we will still assist you through the chat app in the bottom right. We might need additional time in these instances if we need to coordinate with those merchant platforms. 

Is Sacred Salad Sauce a dressing?

No. Sacred Salad Sauce is specifically made to address our desire to spice up our salads and healthier cold plates in the same way we put hot sauce on all our other foods. Simply put - it's a hot sauce, for salads.

What are your values?

The very first sentence on our journey was "we will create a socially responsible, humanity+ business, built on something seemingly small yet powerful". To have only strong moral output in all our dealings and relationships. We're mindful of our imprint, and we behave what we say, from our products through our company. Read more about our corporate responsibility here.

What is the Sacred Society?

It's the Fight Club of chillies, made up of the Lara Croft's and Indiana Jones's of the world. We channel our voices, decisions and actions into protecting the habitats, species and communities that need fighting for. Driven from curiously exploring what is around us, and as far beyond as possible - and all through the lessons learned and love we share for a seemingly small but powerful fruit. There's a lot of adoration and flat out awe for the planet we live on. If you share our values please join us here. We also have a rewards program!

Retail, Distribution or Wholesale Inquiries?

For larger wholesale, retail or distribution inquiries please order cases from here, or contact us by email. If you're just looking for extra travel bottles to make sure you're stocked at home, your office, and on the road - we offer discounted rates for larger quantity purchases directly on the individual product pages.